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We have signed up as tenants for a Brakspear pub - my partner was a truck driver and I was a district nurse - this is a new venture for us and it's really exciting to be running our own business - we have been in the pub for a month now and apart from working 16 hours a day and being totally exhausted - its going well!! We needed £35,000 to take it on - we had this in savings and did not have to borrow any money.

Barbara Grigor. Surrey, UK

Having spent many years working as a bar manager I took the plunge in 2007 and bought a freehold public house. Luckily we paid £271k less than asking price and raised the finance for the purchase through our other business and our pension.

Tina Sephton. Manchester, UK

We looked at many businesses on your site and made a few offers on business in UK, Spain & even considered Australia. We think that most of the businesses for sale in UK & Spain are advertised on your site. It is easy to use and gives enough info for initial enquiries.

Joy and Spencer Rennie. Hampshire, UK. February 2006. Hotel, Mallorca, Spain. Former Teacher & computer services manager.

Your website is an essential source of information and advice for those looking to buy a business. The email alerts were particularly useful and these gave us an advantage that lead to us buying the business. We were the first in the queue to buy and as a result we were ahead of the game compared to the others who were interested!

Alex Gardner. Southampton, UK. April 2006. Bought a florist. Southampton, UK

BFS gave me a great insight in to what was available and I do check back to look for the right opportunity. You can get pricing information and ideas of what is out there. If you are looking to expand or buy fresh it is a great guide.

Adam Fahn. Bedfordshire, UK. Bought a business. August 2006.

Thank you for your interest. We have now purchased the business we were looking for. I noted with great interest on a regular basis all the properties/ businesses you had for sale and I would not hesitate in using your web site in the future should I wish to "expand".

Andrew and Catherine Reynolds. Oxfordshire, UK

Good at making the link between buyers and sellers – particularly helpful for those who are new to the process. Good categorization and easy to use website.

Nick Houghton. West Midlands, UK. Bought a Food marketing and distribution business.

It's a fantastic site with lots of great information and ideas for businesses I would have not even thought about.

Dean Moss. Cheshire, UK. November 2006.

A great thing about is that there are no restrictions on the number of businesses you can look at. I also received requested information almost immediately.

I found one of the frustrations of searching for a business was that some publications come out weekly – with you know new businesses are added every day – and I was on the site every day looking for them. It got quite addictive.

Another great thing about the site was that there is just such a large selection of businesses, not just in volume of businesses for sale but types of business. There was so much choice.

Graham Brown. Lincs, UK.

I purchased a privately owned woodworking business through Sunbelt Business Advisors’ advert on I prefer to keep my financial information confidential. However I paid 5% less than asking price and financed 80% of the purchase myself.

Steven Couch. Illinois, US

Very good selection of businesses for sale and this gave me the idea to look at guest houses in my area.

Barbara West. Florida, US. June 2006

I actually did buy a business. It's a local Dry Cleaning Pick-up and Delivery business. I operate here in Mansfield and South Arlington Texas. I bought it from the previous owner and things are going well. Sales are up and I love it. I'm only 21 and buying a business is something I thought was only for an older crowd. But now that I have done it and have made it a success I'll do it again. And I'll never work for somebody else to build their business. I'd rather build my own with my time. I'm sure I'll still browse once in awhile to see if there is anything else out there that I could trade up to from my dry cleaning business. Thanks again

Bridger Cottle. Texas, US.