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ID: MV1841

Fantastic Nursing Home For Sale In Algarve


The Institution is a private response to the needs felt in the Municipality of Silves and in the Algarve Region for social and health care for the elderly population.

ID: MV1841

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Industry Overview

The Institution is a private response to the needs felt in the Municipality of Silves and in the Algarve Region for social and health care for the elderly population.

This response differs according to the two social responses, the Home and the Long Duration and Maintenance Unit, ULDM, integrated in the National Network of Integrated Continuous Care, RNCCI.

In the remaining part of the Quinta, it is planned to carry out, in the near future, the expansion of the LAR and ULDM facilities, as well as a set of T1 villas, with the management model of assisted residences, with a view to gaining access to the niche of the senior tourism market, taking advantage of the installed services and infrastructure of the already built Social and Health centre.

On the land adjacent to the farm and the East, an existing building, the Villa, was readapted and expanded, developing on 4 floors, with a gross construction area of 721 m², housing different functional areas. The Building has 10 rooms, 2 single rooms, 6 double rooms and 2 triple rooms, making a total of 20 beds. All rooms have sanitary facilities, IS, fully equipped and with regulatory technical aids. They also have an electrical network, normally powered by P.T. own, and emergency powered by a generator set, adequate lighting, TV, air conditioning and ventilation, intercommunication systems with the nursing team, fire detection, and telephone and structured class 6 networks. All floors with the exception of the 1st floor, the highest, have direct access to the outside. On the lower floor, -2, partly in the basement but with natural lighting, are located the administrative and technical support, a storage room and an IS. Floor -1 has a dining room with pantry, living room with two IS, one of which is for the disabled, 3 bedrooms, 1 single, 1 double and 1 triple, with private IS and equipped with the regulatory aids, a of which it has a small living room space. This floor also has spaces for a support pantry, clean clothes, storage room, and a deposit for dirty clothes and waste.

The main entrance floor, floor 00, has, in addition to a reception and waiting area, a living space with a pantry, 4 bedrooms, 1 single, 2 doubles and 1 triple, 1 of which has a small living room. . The floor also has a space for evictions and a storage room. The highest floor, the 1st floor, has, in addition to a room for employees with IS attached equipped with a shower, 3 double bedrooms, a living room with pantry, a nursing office, with IS. The floor also has spaces for clean clothes, storage and waste.

The building's vertical access is provided by two stairs, one inside and one outside, and by an elevator. The Villa has, in all common spaces, an electrical network, normal and emergency, adequate lighting, and connection to fire detection systems, armed fire networks and fire extinguishers to combat fire, intrusion, C.C.T.V., and ventilation. All spaces in the Building are equipped with a state-of-the-art WI-FI network. All floors have areas for clean clothes and waste, storage and I.S. for employees. The materials used and the sober decoration designed, as well as the technical facilities available to the Building, give all its spaces, rooms, common areas and services, the levels of comfort suitable for use as a high quality Unit.


The Institution is a private response to the needs felt in the Municipality of Silves and in the Algarve Region for social and health care for the elderly population.

Business Description

  • Available Services
The Home has a differentiated and technically qualified technical team, which affects only the Home, integrating doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologist, physiotherapists, nutritionist, occupational therapist and animator, providing users with the provision of health care according to their profile. each one, with a view to ensuring adequate comfort and physical and mental well-being. Sympathy, affectivity, availability and competence in the performance of the Home's mission and objectives, and therefore those of the team, are subject to permanent evaluation, both internally, through internal audits, and externally, through audits carried out by the services of the Social Security Institute, and by an auditing company, to guarantee the quality of the services provided. Religious service is available to users in an ecumenical room.

  • Hygiene and maintenance

Daily, and whenever necessary, cleaning of all rooms, common and service areas, and change of clothes is ensured. The treatment of clothes is carried out in the existing laundry.

The Institution signed a management contract for hazardous hospital waste, classes III and IV, with Ambimed. The quality and rigor of the maintenance team are a guarantee of adequate performance of the installed equipment and systems.

  • Health and wellness

The aforementioned multidisciplinary technical team will ensure the health, well-being and comfort of the Home's users. General medical assistance is ensured through routine consultations by the Home's attending physician, under the supervision of the Clinical Director, who will refer users to auxiliary diagnostic exams or to the specialties required by the observed health condition. The Home has a nursing service.

Gymnastics and physiotherapy sessions are held in groups, adapted to the health status of the users. By clinical prescription, and at the expense of the users, specific physiotherapy care, specialty consultations, diagnostic aids, and any other type of care appropriate to their health status will be made available to them. The committed monitoring of the psychologist, social worker, occupational therapist and animator helps users feel comfortable and complements the health care provided to them.

  • Food

The quality of the food available is specified and controlled by a nutritionist who differentiates according to the characteristics and health status of each user. 6 daily meals are served to which, under the supervision of the Clinical Director, the personal complements required by the users can be added.

  • Activities

It is intended that users enjoy a comfortable life in the Home, integrating with a young spirit in the new family. The Home has a psychologist, an occupational therapist and an animator, who plan and carry out the activities of daily life for each user in accordance with their state of health and the respective individual care plan, and which include walks, cultural visits, parties and various activities such as gardening, games, painting, poetry, theatre, activities that will help keep users comfortable, healthy and happy, fully integrated into the group of users, their new family.

  • Transport

The Home has transport equipped with a wheelchair lift, which, within the programming of the daily activities of the users and the group, promotes walks and transport for recreational and cultural activities abroad, in perfect conditions of comfort and safety. security.

Financial Summary

Annual Turnover 2022 - €2,445,314.79
Provision of Services - €2,039,072.59
Investments / Tangible and Intangible Assets - €3,056,738.50
Capital / Reserves / Shares - €1,086,375.15
External supplies and services - €903,446.86
Personnel expenses - €769,479.50
Net Income for the Period 2022 - €15,593,227.17
Credit balance - €3,798,198.09

Investment Rationale

  • It also has a construction project on company land, 17,000 m2, for + 120 beds + 25 villas.
  • Has Favorable Opinion from Social Security + Municipality of Silves Project
  • Construction area will be 4,000 m2
  • Fire project
  • There are still funds for expansion

Customer Overview

Customers are the elderly population of the region, and it is always 100% because of this there is an expansion project

Transaction Information

Sale value, free of charges or debts - €10,000,000 (Ten million Euros)

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