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ID: MV0247

Mansion In Leiria, Portugal.


A luxurious mansion opportunity. It is a very attractive property that can be converted into a hostel.

ID: MV0247

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Leira, Portugal.

Business Description

Luxurious Mansion: 15 min from Leira; 1 hour from Lisbon; All of it lined in stone, inside Estremoz marble, white without streaks and the woods are made of khalar, electrical equipment from Kreon. It has 7 suites and 2 rooms with WC (total 9 rooms), some of which are larger than an apartment. Garage for 7 cars and also lined with marble.

Around and in front of the mansion is about 12,000 meters of land, part of which is gardened. The land is protected by a wall and net, all around. It has a water hole of about 200 meters.Construction area - 2300 m2.

This property currently has residential use and there would be no problem in changing it to tertiary. This asset is finished only to make a small Capex. .

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Price: 12 Mn Euros

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